Where can I rent advertising space?

Where can I rent advertising space?
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You want to invest in outdoor advertising, but have no idea where to place it? We suggest which places will be the most effective.

Advertising is an integral part of any marketing campaign. However, in order for it to fulfill its functions, it should be thought out and sensibly planned. So we suggest where to rent advertising space to make it effective.  

Why invest in advertising in a public place?

Billboards, posters, leaflets… outdoor advertising can take many forms. But why is it worth investing in it? The biggest benefit is certainly the possibility to reach potential customers and to increase recognition of your brand. Moreover, outdoor advertising can influence subconscious consumer decisions of its recipients – after all, it is no secret that the vast majority of us buy with our eyes. Therefore, we are more likely to buy something we’ve seen before because it will become fixed in our subconscious.

In addition, advertising in public places has another big advantage, which for many entrepreneurs is very important. This advantage is the price of such advertisements. Comparing it to other media such as television or internet it is relatively inexpensive.  

Unfortunately, we need to point out that public advertising is dying due to the success digital marketing has achieved. SEO with agencies, or even organic SEO, works much better than advertisement spots in public. For example, service WIX. WIX Seo optimization offers huge accessibility for newcomers, is affordable, intuitive, and what is the most important, WIX Seo optimization is a positively surprising form of digital marketing increasing conversion rate. You can promote business in public, no doubt, but Internet advertising especially with WIX Seo optimization will be much, much better. 

Where to place an advertisement?

As you can see, outdoor advertising has many advantages. However, to make sure that the advertisement will be effective, it is necessary to choose the right place. So where to look for a place to advertise ?

Classic billboards

What we can learn from tips from San Diego SEO specialists – The most traditional and at the same time very effective place to put an ad is advertising space. Renting such a billboard or megaboard is possible in most cities. Therefore, it is worth investing in such space and, for example, placing an advertisement by a busy road. This increases the chance that many people will see it. It is also a good tactic to place this type of advertising space next to often jammed roads. Bored drivers standing in a long traffic jam will most likely notice your ad because it will catch their eye. However, remember that for this to actually happen, your ad needs to be interesting and engaging, those two are main rules of San Diego Seo. So focus on colors, shapes, associations, symbols and catchy slogans and don’t overdo the content. In advertising, it is better to follow the principle “the less, the better”, so leave longer texts for another occasion. Listen to more experienced, in marketing it’s profitable San Diego SEO specialists are one of the best SEO experts, they know what to do  https://www.icea-group.com/san-diego-seo/

Banners on buildings

A good place to place a banner ad is also on a building that has empty space. However, it is important to choose the right location. It should be visible to the recipient, but not intrusive. Remember not to bombard your recipients with your brand’s logo or products themselves – opt for a catchy slogan or short slogan, for example in the form of a hashtag. Big and flashy advertisements informing about promotions are so generic that nobody pays attention to them anymore. So if you approach the topic more creatively, your brand will be noticed, even if the logo on the banner is tiny. 

Advertisements in commute

You can also rent ad space on public transportation. This is a great way to increase your reach – after all, public transportation moves several billion people every day. It is also common for travelers to get tired while on the road, so they are quicker to pick up on the catchy slogan of your ad. In addition, you can choose from a variety of media such as in-vehicle displays, advertising frames, full wraps, posters or stickers.

Maybe Internet? 

We tried to convince You in this article that digital marketing is the optimal solution for Your Business nowadays. Look, leaflets, billboard, posters it costs, and will be definitely less profitable than for example etsy seo audit

Etsy seo audit is an audit You can afford. Specialists will share their knowledge in order to provide stability in Your business, which You should promote online. It’s a cozy form of marketing You can do sitting in your comfortable office. Finance management will no longer be a pain in the neck, Your marketing will be effective, and affordable. Can it be better? Etsy seo audit is a great solution for all companies in need of reliable advertisement. 


Main image: Pawel Czerwinski/unsplash.com

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  • iCEA PL 20.07.2022

    It seems to me that the classic forms of promotion, after all, are fruitless today. The Internet should be our first thought, and we should follow it, in the direction of SEO for our business. Most people are dissuaded from this idea by the need to know advertising tools, etc., but there are no SEO agencies for this purpose, so that we have to do everything ourselves. I myself work with specialists from the iCEA group: https://www.grupa-icea.pl/seo-co-to-jest/, because at some point I came to the conclusion that search engine optimization would simply be a better solution and because of the increase in interest in the form of promotion from competitors. We need to move with the times, that’s one thing, the other is the need to maintain the position, so in a way the competition should also determine our decisions, but not always.