How to encourage your child to read?

How to encourage your child to read?
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Children find it easier to develop reading skills if they enjoy books. They get more practice and feel more motivated to challenge themselves. Wondering how to get your child to read? Check out some tips!

Read to your child at least 30 minutes a day

This way you will show your toddler how to read (from left to right, from top to bottom). Additionally, you will make it easier for him to learn new vocabulary. You can also show him what each letter looks like. Find a book that interests him. Make reading a part of your child’s evening routine. This will help her associate reading with relaxation.

By reading to your child from an early age, you will instill a love for books. Remember that even a few months old toddler can look at pictures, listen to your voice and turn cardboard pages

Keep books at home

By keeping books, magazines, and newspapers at home, you will show your child that they are an important part of everyday life. Read as often as you can. You will see that over time your toddler will begin to imitate you. You can’t ask your child to read a book if you don’t like reading

When your child is still very young, set up a bookcase at home, even if it only has one or two shelves. Choose books for young children. Remember to update the books once in a while. This way you can be sure that your toddler will not be bored. How you handle books will ultimately affect how your child treats them. So treat them gently and respectfully.

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Encourage a variety of reading activities for your child

Try to make reading an important part of your toddler’s life. Let him read menus, movie titles, road signs, game instructions, weather forecasts, and other practical information. Make sure that your child always has something interesting to read in his free time. That way, there’s a good chance he’ll reach for it on his own.

Find time to read

If your child has a busy schedule and you put reading between gymnastics and English lessons, don’t be surprised if he or she associates it with an unpleasant chore. Set it aside for the evening. This way your child will learn that reading books is a pleasant and relaxing way of spending free time. Make sure that the reading is not beyond your child’s abilities. Otherwise, his motivation may decrease significantly. Don’t treat watching TV as a reward and reading as a punishment.

Stimulate your child’s imagination!

Choose a fun book that matches your child’s reading level. Read aloud only the first chapter to stimulate your child’s curiosity. If your little one wants to know what happened next, let her read on her own!

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Read it again

Encourage your child to read books he or she is familiar with. If your little one wants to borrow the same reading from the library, agree. Rereading improves speed and accuracy. It also makes your child more confident.

Dig into the story

Help your child engage in the story by asking questions about the characters’ thoughts, actions, or feelings. Why does Johnny think buying magic beans is a good idea? How does his mom feel when she finds out? Encourage your toddler to connect the story to his experiences.

Take your time!

When your child pronounces an unfamiliar word, leave enough time and praise him for his efforts. Treat mistakes as opportunities to improve. Try reading the sentence together again and ask your child which word he/she thinks fits better here. Don’t ridicule your toddler when he makes a mistake. Otherwise, he will easily get discouraged.

Prepare a cute reading corner

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Together with your toddler, arrange a quiet and cozy reading corner full of books. Consider a beach theme. Place fluffy towels on the floor, lean a beach umbrella against the wall, stick a poster depicting the ocean, and keep books in sand buckets. You can also think of a pirate’s cove, a rainforest, a spaceship, or a princess’ castle. Ask your child what he or she likes best. Turn off the TV and iPad. Put away the cell phone. Books can’t compete with the TV and computer. Turn off these addictive devices so they don’t over-stimulate your child.

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